Valuing our differences

Our focus on diversity and inclusion allows us to adapt and change in the dynamic environments in which we work. We harness different perspectives to create the best solutions for our diverse clients. We are passionate about being authentic and inclusive.

Diversity and Inclusion strategy

Supporting our business strategy ‘Delivering our Future Together’, these pillars reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I):


belonging and authenticity.


of opportunity and experience.


and integrating difference.


communicating and celebrating.

Key initiatives

Helping us to take real action on Diversity and Inclusion.

Policies and processes

to ensure fairness and transparency

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Women's Network mentoring circles

to support, develop and empower women at all levels of our business

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Group-wide 'Embracing Inclusivity' training

supported by our D&I Playbook

Returners Programme

with dedicated coaching, training and support for those seeking a return to work

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Community Partnering

with a particular focus on Education and STEM initiatives

Driving change

Underpinned by our D&I Policy and endorsed by the Board and Executive Committee, our internal networks are a catalyst for action:

Voice of the People

Voice of the People (VoTP)

VoTP champions our D&I strategy and brings it to life throughout the business. Made up of people from across the organisation, VoTP's focus is on promoting equality and embedding our values. VoTP implements a groupwide programme of initiatives and events. These relate to gender, ability, culture, LGBTQ+ and age.

Womens Network

Women's Network

Our Women's Network is integral to improving gender diversity at all levels in PM Group. It aims to drive change, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide a platform for networking and mentoring.  Comprised of a diverse group of women from across the organization, it represents all levels in every location.

Measuring our progress

Key Performance Indicators help to drive activity and measure our progress.

  • KPI examples include gender representation across regions and levels, engagement with D&I focused training, participation in inclusion events, etc.
  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Read our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report for Ireland
  • We conduct annual surveys and pulse surveys to measure the most pertinent areas of improvement

Reported on at Board level, measurement from our KPIs is fed back to VoTP, Women’s Network, HR and leadership teams. This helps to identify improvements and promote further change businesswide.