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We are delighted to participate in the ISPE Europe Annual conference on 16-18 April 2024 in Lisbon.

We will present on the topic “Accommodating Multiple ATMP Modalities in the Same Facility”. The conference will explore themes like:

  • Digital Transformation
  • GAMP 5
  • Good Engineering Practice and Efficient Investment Management
  • Learnings from GXP Inspections
  • Regulatory Trends and Drug availability

Our Speakers

Alf Penfold, Technical Director - GMP/Regulatory Compliance and Jon Halling, Catapult Cell and Gene Therapy will speak at the event.

About CGT Catapult

CGT Catapult collaborates with industry in the development, production and adoption of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

PM Group's Catapult facility design will describe a process that has been developed to accommodate multiple modalities within the same facility. This is starting to be used more widely within the industry. CGT Catapult highlights their compliance amidst multiple GXP inspections across various ATMP modalities.

The unique challenges of the ATMP sector are not found in other more traditional Pharma and Biotechnology sectors. As more companies invest in ATMPs, learning from successful examples is crucial.

Meet our team at the event in Lisbon.

Meet our team at the event in Lisbon.