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We are delighted to announce that Aseptic Group have joined the SDD™ initiative, and would like to welcome them to the team. SDD™ was established to drive dimensional standardisation in Single-Use Technologies. With Aseptic Group joining, there are now six vendors signed up to the initiative.

Aseptic Group are specialists in sterile fluid transfer solutions in critical environments. They are part of international group, EnPro Industries, a diversified manufacturer of proprietary engineered products used in critical applications.

The aim of SDD™ is to set an industry standard for auxiliary functions, including media and buffer storage. Robust supply chain, reduced inventory requirements and lead times are among the key benefits.  SDD™ consists of a library of 350 designs, which can be produced by multiple suppliers to the same design, thereby saving time/cost on re-design. The library includes 2D and 3D bags, filter-sets, manifolds, steam-on sets, tubing, sampling sets and mixers.

This leading standardisation initiative in the pharma industry is unparalleled. Every new vendor joining further strengthens SDD™ as the industry standard. This too reduces supply chain risk for pharma end-users, thereby reducing process risk. All of this ultimately benefits the real end-users - patients - through faster speed to market.


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