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We’re delighted to hear from Amanda Adé, race activist and podcast host, as part of our Inclusion Programme 2021.

Amanda will lead an interactive discussion on topics such as modern day racism, unconscious bias and allyship. Born in South Africa to a Nigerian father and South African mother, Amanda moved to Ireland when she was two. She's become one of the leading young voices on race and race relations.

“Our diverse team of more than 3,300 people working together from Shanghai to San Francisco is our biggest strength. Respecting and understanding each other is critical to our multi-office delivery model for projects. We have shown in recent years how successful working together can be and I believe a greater understanding of what makes us unique will help build on that success.”

Dave Murphy, CEO

This is just one of the events organised by our Voice of the People Group, to help educate, inform and celebrate diversity and inclusion at PM Group.

Other topics include:

  • Ability – we’re hosting a workshop with AsIAM to improve communication and social interactions for people with autism as well as others with physical and neurodivergent disabilities
  • Age – we’re meeting to discuss age awareness, generational challenges, mentoring, upskilling and much more
  • Sexual Orientation – we’re taking time out with our colleagues to hear their stories on same-sex marriage and how it has brought insight, acceptance and happiness to their family.


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