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As an industry, we continue to look for more sustainable ways to manufacture pharmaceuticals. PM Group Senior Process Engineer Adam Hawthorne leads a workshop on this topic as an ISPE UK Facilitator at ‘Making Pharmaceuticals’ in Coventry, UK.

Along with two other facilitators from IChemE and IMechE, Adam will focus on how the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals effects greenhouse gas emissions, water use and pollutants. This discussion on how to accelerate the transition to sustainability will look at taking a holistic approach. It aims to help businesses illicit urgency and improve access and pace when looking to improve human health.

The session will have a collaborative and interactive format. It will  examine such challenges in the industry, provide direction for those working in this space and share solutions and ideas to progress.


More about this workshop on April 25th:

About 'Making Pharma'

Being held at the Coventry Building Society Arena, Making Pharmaceuticals is the UK’s leading pharmaceutical exhibition and conference, with a focus on six industry zones.

  • Cleanroom and Hygiene
  • Laboratory
  • Processing and Machinery
  • Ingredients and raw materials
  • Pharmaceutical building
  • Manufacturing and Packing