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Plan your next battery manufacturing facility for growth, change and success.

Planning a battery manufacturing campus requires a comprehensive vision for the future development of the facility, considering all of the following success factors as well as guidelines for design quality and architectural approach within the campus.

  • efficient site utilization
  • building location
  • critical adjacencies and logistics flows
  • scalability and flexibility for future growth
  • safety and constructability
  • regulatory and site constraints

A key element of that planning is a very structured Master Planning process which aims to provide a flexible and creative approach to the short, medium and long-term development of the site. Selecting a company with the appropriate Master Panning experience is a critical success factor.

A collaborative exercise

Master Planning development is a collaborative exercise. It brings together the customer’s specialist battery manufacturing knowhow and the physical demands of constructing a large scale manufacturing campus development. All critical aspects of the customer’s plan should be considered in the development of the Master Plan. This is essential to ensure that stakeholder expectations are met while achieving operational efficiency and future flexibility, on time and on budget.

Industry and location specific expertise

Whether the site consists of battery material processing, cell assembly, battery pack manufacture or end of life recycling, your selected Master Planning specialists should have the expertise to understand your needs and solve the unique technical, logistics and safety challenges presented as your business expands in the battery manufacturing sector. They should also understand the constraints that the local authority and environmental authorities will place on the development now and in the future.

The Master Plan sets the overall context for future site development. Detailed requirements of individual future projects may then be designed and implemented flexibly, as the business need arises, based on the principles of the plan.

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