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Decarbonisaton strategies are essential for manufacturing facilities, both existing and new build. Typically, carbon reduction has focused primarily on Scope 1 and 2 emissions as they are in the direct control of facility operations. To achieve Net Zero, we must now also focus on reducing Scope 3 emissions.

Collaboration, standardisation and innovation

Scope 3 represents more than 70% of GHG emissions in the pharma industry. Reducing them will be challenging given they are associated with supply chain and arise from outside of individual companies' boundaries. Collaboration and partnership across the value chain are key to success. Reducing complexity through standardisation is another key enabler.

Dr Barry McDermott, PM Group, and Matteo Alaria of Sartorius will discuss the challenges and opportunities they foresee to enable Net Zero emissions by 2050. They will also discuss some innovative solutions in the pipeline that will enable biopharma manufacturers to reduce emissions beyond companies' individual boundaries.

Meet our team at booth 16 in the exhibition area.


Where: PDA Annual Conference, 14:40, 20th September 2022.

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Also at this event, Austin Lock, PM Group, will speak about 'A paradigm shift in Aseptic Processing'