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The pharmaceutical industry is changing at its fastest rate in decades, driven in part by the requirement to manufacture new process modalities, as well as the need to deliver new facilities in a quicker and more cost effective manner.

Speed to market and accelerating first-in-human has never been as important. Companies need to respond to challenges including, increased development complexity, demand volatility, and CoG challenges as a result of increasing competition, pricing pressures and profitability.

Growing demand for more flexible and sustainable facilities, together with the advancement of new processing and Pharma 4.0 technologies, such as digitization and robotics, requires that site master planning needs to advance accordingly. 

Emerging Technologies - ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference

The Emerging Technologies session at ISPE's Facilities of the Future Conference 2022 will explore advancements in pharmaceutical technology and what pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities will look like in the future.  The conference will take place on 1-2 February 2022.

Delegates will hear about how two major pharma companies have responded to the above challenging industrial landscape. MercK KGaA will explain how they have introduced a fully continuous bioprocessing platform into a new dedicated bioprocessing centre. The centre facilitates end-to-end convergence of Discovery, CMC Innovation, Development, Clinical and Commercial supply. Additionally, Bayer will explain how they have adopted a 'Site Master Planning of the Future' approach to accommodate new process modalities, delivery methods, and Pharma 4.0 technologies.

During the Conference, Austin Lock, Group Head of Technology, PM Group, will moderate the “Emerging Technologies" session. Matthew Duchars, PhD, CEO, VMIC, will give attendees an inside look into how the new VMIC in the UK responded to pandemic challenges. Matthew will show how its design basis changed to become platform and technology agnostic, with the ability to ramp capacity 20 fold within a six-month timeframe.

Site master planning the future

Additionally, Jessica Hays, Project Manager, Strategic Projects, Bayer, and Jordaan Kemp, Director of Architecture, PM Group, will share their expert insights on site master planning the future and how it should adjust to accommodate new process modalities, delivery methods, and Pharma 4.0™ technologies.

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