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Mobile autonomous robots are now being adapted for pharma manufacturing applications.

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Autonomous robotics in Pharma manufacturing

Multiple initiatives

PM Group is involved in multiple robotics initiatives with universities, multinational manufacturers, international standards organisations and government bodies. The aim is to facilitate next generation pharma manufacturing.

Fully autonomous robot for environmmental monitoring in Pharma manufacturing facilities

Autonomous robotics for environmental monitoring in pharma cleanrooms

‘Project Marvin’ aims to develop a fully autonomous robot for environmental monitoring in pharma manufacturing areas. This initiative is in progress in partnership with University College Dublin (UCD), Novartis and Lonza. It is funded by Enterprise Ireland.

Robots for fully automated QC labs in pharma manufacturing

Robots for fully automated QC labs

‘Project Arthur’ seeks to fully automate quality control labs with both mobile and static robots. PM Group is working on collaborating with global standards organisations to facilitate the required plug and play analytical equipment software. The project is now at initiation stage.

Robots and self-sanitising material air locks

‘Project Karn’ involves the robot's independent transfer through Material Air Locks. PM Group and Technical University Dublin (TU Dublin) are collaborating to develop a self-sanitising material air lock. This project is essential to the success of Project Marvin to eliminate the requirement to wipe down equipment and materials.

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Sean Coombs
Sean Coombs

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Sean Coombs