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Join us at the PDA Robotics and Automation Virtual Conference on 20-21 April. The event will focus on the challenges and opportunities for robotics and whether these represent a paradigm shift within the Pharma industry.

Innovative robotic technologies

“The global pandemic has accelerated the importance of speed in safely bringing medicines and therapies to patients” says Christine Eckardt from PM Group’s Swiss office. “The pharmaceutical industry is integrating more and more innovative robotic and automated technologies with great success. They can help overcome challenges and bring new opportunities and benefits”.

Christine is a moderator at Day 2 of the event and PM Group’s Sean Coombs and Sinead Cowman from Lonza will outline how Project Marvin, a collaborative initiative involving mobile autonomous environmental monitoring, is moving to the next steps in it’s realisation.   

Join us at this event

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Multiple robotics initiatives

PM Group is involved in multiple robotics initiatives with universities, multinational manufacturers, international standards organisations and government bodies. The aim is to facilitate next-generation pharma manufacturing. More about this.