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The advent of Single-Use Technology has revolutionised the biopharma industry. PM Group has successfully delivered multiple projects for single-use and hybrid biopharma facilities.

Single-Use facilities

The application of Single-Use Technology to pharmaceutical facilities has revolutionised the way that critical therapies are delivered to patients. PM Group’s design experience with this technology guarantees your project's success. We take the key elements into consideration, including:

  • impact on logistics 
  • movement of materials
  • effective manufacturing equipment layouts
  • waste management. 
Single use technology

Innovation in Design

PM Group is the technology partner of reference in the application of Single-Use Technology. Our innovations help us deliver fast and cost effective processes into in new or existing pharma facilities.

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Impact on sustainability

Single-Use and Hybrid facilities provide significant advantages and utility savings. The reduced footprint versus stainless steel facilities is a key environmental advantage. During operations, reductions in energy consumption and savings on water usage result in further significant cost and environmental advantages. These benefits can be maximised by:

  • Considering the use of membrane generated WFI
  • Taking a zero water consumption approach to design 
  • Management of the solid waste 

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Javier Lozano
Javier Lozano

Single-Use Specialist

Javier Lozano

Single-Use Specialist