PM Group’s Single-Use Design Tool™ is a unique innovation. It allows the mapping of a complete single-use process within a single drawing. The tool identifies opportunities for standardisation and potential connectivity issues. It also supports improved tubing management design.

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Javier Lozano
Javier Lozano

Single Use Specialist

Simple Drag & Drop functionality

The core functionality of The Single-Use Design Tool™ is simply "drag & drop" design. This allows users to create and combine single-use assemblies, to build a visual representation of the whole process. Both standard and bespoke design assemblies can be incorporated.

Developed by our Tech Team, the Single Use Design Tool™ offers advantages for direct use by pharma end users and for PM Group. End users can use the tool for simplification and streamlining of existing facilities. Whereas the tool is part of our internal project delivery process for the design of single-use facilities by PM Group.

The 350 SDD™ assemblies are incorporated in the tool, ready to be used in any design. Additionally, it allows the development of complex custom designs, where a suitable standard design is not available.


Key benefits

  • Creates an inventory of all the assemblies used in your design
  • Helps define your kitting and sub-kitting strategy.
  • Simplifies and standardises the communication of designs to suppliers
  • A powerful tool to drive standardisation across processes and different sites
  • Eliminates language barriers by using a visual representation of the process. This facilitates technology transfer projects between locations and facilities.
  • Simple to use, it can be managed by any group within your organisation. No CAD knowledge is required.


“PM Group's Single-Use Design Tool™ is perfect for getting an overview of the number and design of consumables. It is also the solution for showing the connection between P&ID's and the consumables that are not mapped in them. The design is easy to understand for technical and non-technical people. It helps to communicate the plant design and how consumables are used within a process. It can also be used to establish a direct line of communication with suppliers for bidding, improvements, etc.“                     

Juerg Brechbuehler, Biofuture TechOps Program Engineer, Novartis Pharma AG

Javier Lozano

Single Use Specialist