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We are an award-winning architectural design group with a highly specialist team that delivers design projects internationally.

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Jordaan Kemp
Jordaan Kemp

Group Head of Architecture

World Architecture 2024

World Architecture 100

PM Group is delighted to be ranked in the 'WA100 2024 Top Architecture' Firms. The World Architecture ranking reflects our ethos that innovation in design has a high impact on the way we live and work. This amazing achievement goes to our 210 strong architecture team from Europe, the UK, USA and Asia. Specialists in the life sciences and research sectors, we are part of PM Group's multi-disciplinary team, managing over €8bn in capital projects annually.

Where design meets function

Our strength is where design excellence intersects with expertise in complex building types.

Great places to work

Our work place design responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and the people that occupy the spaces.

Innovative solutions

Our design methodology is not only innovative, but is analytical and research based which informs our solutions.

Understanding our clients

Our client’s environment is ever changing. At PM Group, our architects understand that speed to market and continuous improvement is becoming more and more critical. The industry is demanding change, project delivery solutions are becoming faster. Design of high-performance space equipped for continual flexibility is an absolute.

At the heart of all this change, and as resource demands continue to grow, we understand that our designs must help to create inspirational and healthy working environments for our clients.

Innovative design to respond to clients' needs

Design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages our integrated, multi-disciplinary teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of today’s built environment. This leads to transformational design solutions that create real value.

Architectural services

Our service delivery methodology is not only innovative, but is analytical and research based which informs our designs.

Masterplanning and urban design

Our approach to delivering strategic site master planning services to our clients is firmly based on a fundamental understanding of the key business factors. These include, industry trends and technology advances that drive facility design across the sector.

Process architecture

PM Group's process architects understand the manufacturing environment is a complex organism with multiple aspects. Our in-depth knowledge of the processes and technologies within the industry informs our design and drives innovation and sets industry trends.

Interior design and workplace strategy

We approach workplace design as human-centred space. We call attention to all spaces, natural and human-made to enhance how people interact and use their workplace. Realizing that when done correctly a workplace can enable people to display their results in ways that can engage co-workers. We strive to create workspaces that foster creativity and innovation.

Laboratory design and planning

Our laboratory planners, through their analytical processes and understanding of the science performed, help our clients create laboratories that encourage real collaborations between disciplines that help drive improved work practices, innovation and discovery.

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Jordaan Kemp

Group Head of Architecture