Full service engineering

We identify and solve problems on complex, large and small scale projects. Our innovative designs increase efficiency and improve performance. We have a highly successful track record across the pharma, food, medical technology, data centre, advanced manufacturing and energy sectors.

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Paul O
Paul O'Leary

Group Head of Design

Continuous learning

We have a formal system for capturing lessons during projects so that the lesson can be transferred to the kick off session of the next relevant project.

Nurturing development

We have a range of programs for developing our people from graduate up to subject matter experts. Every engineer/designer belongs to a community of practice for their discipline.

Encouraging innovation

We have an innovation in action scheme which rewards our people for developing new designs, methods, and services.

Design team

Our multidisciplinary teams specialise in designing solutions for complex capital projects. Subject matter experts input at all stages. From the outset, we identify your environmental, health and safety (EHS), statutory and end user requirements.

Environmental, health and safety (EHS), technical, legal and regulatory reviews help to successfully complete the design one project life cycle stage at a time. Our engineers are a mix of senior people with hands on industrial and operational experience to enthusiastic graduates full of the latest academic thinking.

We follow a framework for design management to control the internal and external technical interfaces. This framework provides the technical leadership that enables us to deliver facilities that perform ahead of requirements.

Added value

Safe facilities with technical integrity provide added value assurance. Our company-wide approach to design enables us to consistently deliver in different locations whilst using multi-office execution teams.

Collaborative approach

Our culture is centred on the flexibility, energy and proven ability of our people. We will apply your specifications and standards whether they are corporate and/or local. We will work collaboratively with your team to successfully deliver your project.

Key benefits

  • Commitment to safe design from construction to handover
  • Full service design teams
  • World leading subject matter experts
  • Trusted partner
  • Excellent reputation for teamwork, openness, flexibility
  • Senior managers as project sponsors

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Paul O'Leary

Group Head of Design