Competitive pricing and quality

PM Group procures capital equipment, trade contracts and specialist consultants on complex projects across multi-sectors and regions.

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Procurement team

Delivering strategic solutions

Developing the most appropriate procurement strategy to suit our clients' needs.

Competitive approach

We help our clients obtain the best value from the supply chain - executing faster with fewer resources.

Ensuring compliance

Ensure compliance within the project specifications and mitigate project delivery risk.

Optimising life cycle costs

Our experienced team of professionals add value to projects by obtaining the best price and value from the market. We maintain ethical standards, mitigate risk and incorporate sustainability into our processes. Ensuring compliance with the specification and optimising life cycle costs are our priority.

Transparent and secure

Our procurement processes are fully transparent, adhere to a strict code of conduct and are tailored to meet client needs. To protect our clients and suppliers intellectual property rights tenders are issued using a secure online procurement management system. This allows access to a global network of suppliers and allows us to deliver projects in any location.



We offer a wide range of procurement services in the following areas:

  • Supplier identification and pre-qualification
  • Market intelligence and benchmarking
  • Tender management and analysis
  • Expediting and inspection
  • Contract support
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Materials management

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Procurement team